******************************************************************      Ratings

There are always questions on how ratings are calculated.

Here is a summary on how your rating is calculated. Keep in mind your current rating is a combined rating for the past two seasons.

Ideally after every game, each coach fills out a rating card and sends it in to BOCES. BOCES takes those ratings and adds them up and divides by the number of ratings to get the coaches contribution to your rating. This rating constitutes 60% of your overall rating. Under certain circumstances, rating cards are thrown out. A game with an ejection is an example of a reason why a card is thrown out.

BOCES gives you up to 10 office points. Points can be deducted for turn backs, being late, etc. These points make up 10% of your rating.

You can receive up to 30 points from our Association. These points make up the remaining 30% of your rating.

Here is how you earn your 30 points:

Being a member: 6 points

Test Score:

84-100 7 points

80-83 6 points

74-79 5 points

Attendance: 6 points (missing a mandatory meeting without a written excuse takes 5 points from this category)

Service: 5 points

Return of Sportsmanship Ballot on Time: 3 points

Paying dues on time: 3 points


Fellow Umpires,

Well, it's that time a year again, we're about 45 days off from the start of the season and now is
the time to dust off our uniforms and brush up on our rules and get ready to "play ball

This year we have a few positions opening up on our board, so if you have ever had any interest
in getting involved with this fine association now may be the time.


All meetings will be held at EAST MEADOW H.S in the little Theatre (unless otherwise noted)
and wi
ll begin promptly at 7:30PM

Meeting dates are as follows:


Feb 28th  Mandatory Interpretation Meeting ( counts as two meetings)
March 1st  Interpretation meeting ( snow date)
March 7th  Mandatory test at CLARKE H.S in cafeteria
March 8th  Mandatory test at CLARKE H.S ( snow date)
April 11th  Election nominations meeting
May 1st  Mandatory Elections meeting
June  Dinner - location TBD 


Note: After the Elections Meeting on May 1, there will be a MANDATORY 3 Umpire clinic for all
officials looking to work the Sem
i's and Finals

You are required to attend a minimum of four (4) meetings. Three (3) of these are mandatory.

If you can not attend a mandatory meeting you must submit a letter of excusal to Stu Cohen,
Corresponding Secretary
, prior to the meeting. Failure to submit a letter could result in a 5 point
ion off your 30% office rating.

In order to umpire this season, you must attend an Interpretation meeting and take the NYS

If you choose to attend another section's meeting, confirmation of your attendance must be
received within one week
. Failure to comply will be viewed as non - compliance of this

The contact for NYC is Alan Wharton (516) 481-0364. NYC has two interpretation meetings,
March 6th and March 8th at Forest Hills H.S
, Queens in the auditorium at 8PM. The test will be
given on March 13th and March 15th also at Forest Hills H.S.

The contact for Suffolk Co. is Jim Doig (631) 928-9116, Email-J.Doig55@hotmail.com. Jim
suggests that you contact him through his Email if you plan on attending either his interpretat
or test meetings.

Suffolk's interpretation meeting is on March 6th and their test date is on March 14th, both at
Bayport - Bluepoint H.S

*2018 Fee Schedule

Varsity - $120.00
Junior Varsity - $98
Junior High - $87

Service is an important part of our organization. Each member is required to perform service
each year. We are in need of volunteers to help in several areas. More information on how you
may earn service credit will be given at our first general membership meeting


Please visit our website at nassaucountysoftballofficialsassociation.com for some valuable
information and photographs. Minutes, meeting postponements and other important information
ill be posted on the website. Any ideas on how to possibly improve our site should be directed
to Rick Norris. He does a tremendous job with the site and is open to all constructive feedback


This season we will be conducting a uniform inspection. All uniforms should be clean and free of
any rips or stains. Please
"wear" your uniform to our interpretation meeting, to include: hats,
jackets, ball bags, pants, shoes and shirts.

This past season we imposed fines on members in violation of the uniform code, be aware! We
get paid a fai
r wage so there should be no reason not to wear the proper and approved uniform.

Chuck DeCarbo from the Sports Loft will be at our interpretation and test meetings, should
anyone need to buy or replace any unserviceable items. He can also be contacted at
chuck@thesportsloft.com or at (631) 478-8489.

Remember - first impressions are everything!


Grace and Judy's job is tough enough, so please keep your availability up to date.

If you have any change in home address, phone number or Email address please contact
BOCES and Stu Cohen (Corresponding Secretary)

If you have any problems, questions or concerns throughout the year please contact me at -
hop2893@optonline.net or (516) 860-9456

All my best to a successful season,

Steve Hopkins

Congratulations to the County Championship Teams

East Meadow
Oyster Bay
East Rockaway

Congratulations to our officials that have the privilege and honor to officiate in the County Finals, Regionals and State Tournament

County Championship

2018 Softball @ MITCHEL FIELD:

CLASS AA-Field # 4

East Meadow/Calhoun







Long Island Regionals

Thursday May 31st  @ Hofstra (R/D Friday, June 1st @ Adelphi)

3:30pm – CLASS C

 Marie Terc

Hector Baker

Rick Norris


6:30pm – CLASS B

Frank Sheehan

Jack Grandine

Phil Saltalamacchio


Friday, June 1st @ Hofstra (R/D Saturday, June 2nd 3pm / 6pm)

3:30pm – CLASS A

Jim  Borek

Jack Kisilinsky

Tom Cully


6:30pm – CLASS AA

Steve Hopkins

Larry Forman

Peter Bilianis

State Tournament

Jack Grandine
Rick Norris



New Click here for 2018 playoff information New

New Click here for information on the three man system New


The date of our dinner has changed.  It is now Wednesday, June 13th.
Same great place, same great food and drink, same great company, only the date has changed!


NYSSO’s formal ruling which takes into consideration both the medical concerns of the individual player and the safety of all players is:  To be permitted to play, any student athlete wearing a migraine earring in a daith piercing shall provide written notice from certified medical personnel stating the necessity of such an earring.  The earring shall be covered with tape.  The player would also need a waiver from NYSPHSAA - the procedure/form outlined on the NYSPHSAA  web site calls for the player's doctor to provide documentation to Public High School and then it would provide the official waiver form/letter to the player.....


This is the document that should be presented to the umpire....




         First of all the term "offo" represents a player playing offense only who is not operating in the game in the original dp slot of the lineup.  

         When a coach wants to have both the dp and the flex on the field as defensive players, an "offo"          player comes into consideration.

         For example,  The original line-up has #5 batting slot for dp who is batting only.  #10 slot has flex as pitcher playing defense only.  Now coach wants both dp and flex on defense.  So, flex stays in as pitcher, dp also can go into any defensive position - let's say catcher.  Coach now tells you who will be sitting in dugout as "offo" player (let's say right fielder in batting slot #7).  No one has left the game and no one has entered the game.  You still have 9 batters in their original order of hitting.  Coach can still later return the slot #5 dp back to pitching only and offo back to her batting and fielding responsibilities without having anyone leaving the game with flex still on defense only (for any defensive position).   Remember, to switch to a 9 player game, the flex can only move up to the original (circled by you before the game) dp batting slot (#5 in order).  At that point, all 9 bat and play the field.  The dp has exited the game. The flex has never left the game.  Another way of switching to a 9 player game is if the flex exits. 

         This procedure can be done throughout the game. However, remember that if the original dp starter re-enters and then leaves again, she is done for the day.  









Wednesday, June 13, 2018


 Great Food, Wine, Beer, Raffles and Awards







$25.00 per umpire

$40.00 per guest

(For payment make checks out to N.C.S.O.A.)


To all dues paid members in good standing with the Association





RSVP no later than June 1


Return to Tom Merle, 122 Violet Ave, Floral Park, NY 11001

Email - merletom @ optonline.net or

Joyce Badger, 14 Milton Street, Lynbrook, NY 11563

Email - KENNYJOY@aol.com

I will be attending the Umpire’s Annual Dinner


Name __________________________________




Congratulations to our newly promoted varsity officials:

o   Chris Bivona

o   James Koumou

o   Doug Rosenthal

o   Gibson Barriga

o   William Treadway

o   Bob Matier

o   Frank Dombrowski

o   Tony Lopilato

Nassau County Softball Officials Association, Inc.
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