There are always questions on how ratings are calculated.

Here is a summary on how your rating is calculated. Keep in mind your current rating is a combined rating for the past two seasons.

Ideally after every game, each coach fills out a rating card and sends it in to BOCES. BOCES takes those ratings and adds them up and divides by the number of ratings to get the coaches contribution to your rating. This rating constitutes 60% of your overall rating. Under certain circumstances, rating cards are thrown out. A game with an ejection is an example of a reason why a card is thrown out.

BOCES gives you up to 10 office points. Points can be deducted for turn backs, being late, etc. These points make up 10% of your rating.

You can receive up to 30 points from our Association. These points make up the remaining 30% of your rating.

Here is how you earn your 30 points:

Being a member: 6 points

Test Score:

84-100 7 points

80-83 6 points

74-79 5 points

Attendance: 6 points (missing a mandatory meeting without a written excuse takes 5 points from this category)

Service: 5 points

Return of Sportsmanship Ballot on Time: 3 points

Paying dues on time: 3 points

Nassau County Softball Officials Association, Inc.
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Congratulations to our new officials!

Frank Bella
Marylou Aurrichio
Peter Moriarity
Christina Bivona
Anthony LoPilato
Bart Sonnenberg
Christine Pagliaro
Frank Dombrowski
Liam Cleary
Kenneth Duffy
Jimmy Koumou

Welcome back to two returning members

Gary Miller
Robert Barnett


There have been several incidents in the first few weeks that need clarification.
1. The run rule can only be enforced after the losing team bats five times. The run rule can never take effect in the top of an inning.
2. In junior high school play, no new inning can start after two hours from the starting time. The starting time begins at the conclusion of the pre-game conference. This time if often different from the scheduled starting time. Once an inning starts, it is played to conclusion.
3. If there are spectators behind the backstop who are making you or any of the players uncomfortable, you have the right to move them to another area. Please use discretion when moving spectators. Do not automatically move them, let their actions dictate the movement. Use common sense when the bleachers are behind the backstop.  Please use the security at the site to move people when necessary.
Enjoy the warm weather as we have all had a tough time with the cold and wind at the start of the season.


Nassau County Softball Officials Association, Inc.

Dear Member:

As the softball season approaches, I would like to take a moment to thank Joan Hanlon for her many years of service to our organization. We look forward to working with Stu Cohen who moved into Joan’s position. Thanks go out to John Sficos who has stepped down as out OCC representative. John’s even handed approach to matters concerning our Association will be missed. We have appointed Mark Furman to be are new OCC representative. Joyce Badger was elected to be one of the members at large. Joyce will be replacing Marty Finn who served our Association well over the past several years. Last but not least, Jim Borek has joined our board as chair elect. Jim’s skills, personality and leadership will help drive our Association to the next level. There are several Executive Board positions that will be open for next year, including chair elect. Now is the time to think about becoming more involved in our organization. Frank Sheehan chairs the nominating committee, if you have an interest please see Frank for more information.

Our meeting place is East Meadow High School in the Little Theatre.
Our meeting dates are as follows:
Monday, March 3 Mandatory Rules Interpretation (counts as 2 meetings) 7:30PM
Wednesday, March 5 Snow Date 7:30PM
Wednesday, March 12 Test 7:30PM at Clarke High School Cafeteria
Tuesday, March 18 Snow Date 7:30PM at Clarke High School Cafeteria
Thursday, April 10 Nominations 7:30PM
Monday, May 5 Mandatory Elections 7:30PM
June Dinner Place, Date & Time TBA

You are required to attend a minimum of four meetings. Three of these are mandatory. If you cannot attend a mandatory meeting, you must submit a letter of excuse to Stu Cohen, Corresponding Secretary, prior to the meeting. Failure to submit the letter could result in a 5 point deduction off your 30% office rating.

In order to officiate this season, you must attend an Interpretation Meeting and take the state test. If you choose to attend another section’s meeting, confirmation of your attendance must be received within one week. Failure to comply will be viewed as non-compliance of this requirement. The contact for NYC is Alan Wharton, 516 481 0364. NYC has two interpretation meetings, one on March 4th and one on March 5th. You need to attend one of the two meetings. The Suffolk Meeting is February 25th. The Suffolk contact is Jeremy Johnson 631 747 3890.

2013 Fee Schedule
Varsity $117.00
Junior Varsity $95.00
Junior High $85.00

Service is an important part of our organization. Each member is required to perform service each year. We are in need of volunteers to help in several areas. More information will be given at our first General Membership Meeting. Although we appreciate the membership donating a raffle prize at the dinner, it will no longer fulfill the service requirement.  

Our website’s address is at the top of the letter. We are open to suggestions on how to improve this site. Please feel free to contact me with suggestions. We will communicate on both the website and by e mail as much as possible. Minutes, meeting postponements and other important information will be posted on the site and sent via e mail. If you have not been receiving updates via e mail, please send your e mail address to Brad Patterson at NCSBOAsec@gmail.com and we will add you to the e mail directory.

Please keep BOCES updated with your availability. You should have received an email from Grace Chianese letting you know that you can now enter your availability. Any change in address, phone numbers, etc. should be reported to both BOCES and Stu Cohen.

There will be a uniform inspection this year on the night of the test. Although we will check all aspects of the uniform, the emphasis will be on the newly required heather gray pants. Sport’s Loft will be at our first two meetings to make this transition easier. As discussed at our meetings last year, we believe that there are other options to purchase the heather gray pants. We have received feedback that they are available at Van Heusen in Carle Place.

Please remember that the collective agenda of the Nassau County Softball Officials Association is to promote professionalism of our members, be courteous to coaches, players and spectators, to appreciate the friendship and camaraderie of fellow officials, and to embrace and respect the great game of softball.

If you have any questions, please call me at 917 865 4461 or e mail me at Norrisimo@aol.com.

Enjoy your season!

Rick Norris

Rick Norris
Nassau County Softball Officials Association, Inc.