2019 Dinner
Nassau County Softball Officials Association, Inc.
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2019 Finals and Regionals

Congratulations to our officials that have the privilege and 
honor to officiate in the County Finals, Regionals and State Tournament

County Championship

Class AA 

Steve Hopkins
Jim Borek
Larry Forman

 Class A
Jack Kisilinsky
Tom Cully
Frank Sheehan

Class B
Marie Terc
Hector Baker
Steve Zalinsky

Southeast Regional

Jim Borek
Larry Forman
Frank Sheehan

State Championship
Christine Bivona
Bill Pettas


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 There is no longer a two hour time limit on Junior Varsity Softball.

The federation rules vote went down 6 votes to 5.  That means next year we will be staying with USA Softball rules for softball.  





May a player wear religious headwear? Scarf worn by Muslim women(hijab) is allowed. No waiver is necessary.
Yes. Provided the use of safety equipment (e.g., batter's helmet) is not compromised, a player may wear religious headwear.

May a HS game be played with foul poles but without outfield fencing-?
A HS softball contest shall not be canceled due to a field containing foul poles but no outfield fencing-. Example is Hewlett HS.

There seems to be a lot of talk about the Easton "Ghost" bat. Which bats are legal for HS play? That particular bat is illegal.
The bats that meet the requirements of the rulebook are legal. The requirements include, but are not limited to, the 2000 or 2004 ASA Certification Mark.

Are bats with the 2013 ASA Certification Mark legal? That's the larger badge shaped slow-pitch ONLY approval seal for high school.
Not in HS fast pitch play.

A player has a medical/NYSPHSAA waiver to wear a daith piercing/earring. Does it need to be taped?

I heard metal cleats are permitted in HS baseball, so they must be legal in HS softball, right?
AR 6
Wrong. Metal cleats are not permitted in HS softball. Unfortunately polyurethane/plastic like cleats are allowed as long as not attached by metal plates or screws.

With R3 on 3rd base and 2 outs, B4 lays down a squeeze bunt. R3 crosses home plate. Then, B4 is called out for 3-foot lane interference. Does R3's run count since she crossed home plate before the 3-foot lane interference?
No. No run shall score when the 3rd out of the inning is on the BR prior to reaching 1st base, regardless of how that out occurred.

With R3 on 3rd base and R2 on 2nd base, Fl throws a passed ball. R3 advances aggressively toward home plate, but puts the brakes on when she realizes she would be out at the plate. R3 retreats back to 3rd base and is standing on 3rd base. R2 is also standing on 3rd base. F5 tags both R3 and R2 while they are standing on the base simultaneously. Who is out?
R2 is out. R3 is entitled to her base until she (1) advances to and readies the next base or (2) is forced from the base as a result of the batter becoming a batter-runner (force play).
What if on the same play, F5 tagged R2 standing on 3rd base right before R3 returned to 3rd base?
R2 would not be out at this point. 3rd base was not occupied by 2 runners at the same time and R2 was permitted to advance to 3rd base. She simply is not entitled to it if R3 returns and stands on 3rd base.

The game is being- played with a temporary fence. Bl's batted ball hits 6 inches below the top plain of the fence and "falls" over the fence. The fence was loose and "had some give." The ball passed over the fence on the fly. Is this a homerun?
No. The batted ball must cross the natural plain of the top of the fence. In this case, pressure from the ball caused the fence to fold/roll. When the ball does this or "climbs" the fence, a 2 base award shall be granted.
But what about the rule that says something like "if the ball hits the top of the fence and then goes over, it's a home run?"
That is still true. However, the "top of the fence" means the actual top that faces upward toward the sky. "Top of the fence" does not mean the top couple of inches of the fence facing the field.

Unless the plate umpire drops dead on the field, the base umpire has absolutely no business covering home plate in the 2-umpire system.

Team A submitted an official line up card using the DP/Flex. After the 9th batter bats, the Flex bats, rather than the lead off batter. Is this batting out of order or something else?
Batting out of order involves players 1-9 in the batting order, not the Flex. When the Flex bats without a line-up change being reported to the plate umpire, this is an unreported substitution. But that is only step one. Remember, there is no player penalty in NYSSO softball for an unreported substitution. With that said, step two is determining whether the Flex batted illegally. If the lead off batter was the DP, this can be ruled simply as an unreported substitution without penalty. However, if she batted for someone other than the DP, this move would be illegal because the Flex was not eligible to bat for someone other than the DP. The penalties imposed will depend on the timing of this infraction being brought to the plate umpire's attention.

A batting helmet has a NOCSAE stamp, but no external warning label. Is this permitted?
Effective 2018, HS no longer requires the external warning label. The NOCSAE stamp, however, is still required.


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On September 26, 2018 in a ceremony at the Crest Hollow Country Club our own Marie Terc was inducted into the Dr. James Tolle Nassau County High School Athletics Hall of Fame.  Marie was inducted with such luminaries as Larry Brown, Rob  Moore, the late Bob Wolf, super bowl champion Paul Rochester, Vinny Testaverde and Port Washington's Stephanie Joannon among others.

Congratulations Marie on this great and well deserved honor!


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NYSSO’s formal ruling which takes into consideration both the medical concerns of the individual player and the safety of all players is:  To be permitted to play, any student athlete wearing a migraine earring in a daith piercing shall provide written notice from certified medical personnel stating the necessity of such an earring.  The earring shall be covered with tape.  The player would also need a waiver from NYSPHSAA - the procedure/form outlined on the NYSPHSAA  web site calls for the player's doctor to provide documentation to Public High School and then it would provide the official waiver form/letter to the player.....


This is the document that should be presented to the umpire....




         First of all the term temporary DP represents a player playing offense only who is not operating in the game in the original dp slot of the lineup.  

         When a coach wants to have both the dp and the flex on the field as defensive players, an temporary DP         player comes into consideration.

         For example,  The original line-up has #5 batting slot for dp who is batting only.  #10 slot has flex as pitcher playing defense only.  Now coach wants both dp and flex on defense.  So, flex stays in as pitcher, dp also can go into any defensive position - let's say catcher.  Coach now tells you who will be sitting in dugout as "offo" player (let's say right fielder in batting slot #7).  No one has left the game and no one has entered the game.  You still have 9 batters in their original order of hitting.  Coach can still later return the slot #5 dp back to pitching only and offo back to her batting and fielding responsibilities without having anyone leaving the game with flex still on defense only (for any defensive position).   Remember, to switch to a 9 player game, the flex can only move up to the original (circled by you before the game) dp batting slot (#5 in order).  At that point, all 9 bat and play the field.  The dp has exited the game. The flex has never left the game.  Another way of switching to a 9 player game is if the flex exits. 

         This procedure can be done throughout the game. However, remember that if the original dp starter re-enters and then leaves again, she is done for the day.  


******************************************************************      Ratings

There are always questions on how ratings are calculated.

Here is a summary on how your rating is calculated. Keep in mind your current rating is a combined rating for the past two seasons.

Ideally after every game, each coach fills out a rating card and sends it in to BOCES. BOCES takes those ratings and adds them up and divides by the number of ratings to get the coaches contribution to your rating. This rating constitutes 60% of your overall rating. Under certain circumstances, rating cards are thrown out. A game with an ejection is an example of a reason why a card is thrown out.

BOCES gives you up to 10 office points. Points can be deducted for turn backs, being late, etc. These points make up 10% of your rating.

You can receive up to 30 points from our Association. These points make up the remaining 30% of your rating.

Here is how you earn your 30 points:

Being a member: 6 points

Test Score:

84-100 7 points

80-83 6 points

74-79 5 points

Attendance: 6 points (missing a mandatory meeting without a written excuse takes 5 points from this category)

Service: 5 points

Return of Sportsmanship Ballot on Time: 3 points

Paying dues on time: 3 points


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