Dear Member:

As we all prepare for what promises to be another great softball season, unfortunately none of

us won the 1.5 billion dollar power ball lottery, but for most of us, we will all be returning to the

fields in mid March to do what we love to do...umpire softball !

First off, I would like to take this time to thank Bill Stevenson for his years of service to our

organization as treasurer. Bill, a gentleman and a professional will be missed and we wish him

all the best. Rick Norris will be replacing Bill as the treasurer as well as continuing as past

chairperson. There will be Executive Board positions that will be open for next year, so now is

the time to think about becoming more involved in our association. Rick Norris chairs the

nominating committee, so if you have an interest please see Rick for more information.



Meeting dates are as follows:

All Meetings will start promptly at 7:30 PM

March 1, 2016 Mandatory Interpretation Meeting (Counts as two meetings)

March 3, 2016 Interpretation Meeting ( Snow Date )

March 8, 2016 Mandatory Test Meeting Clarke High School Cafeteria

March 10, 2016 Mandatory Test Meeting ( Snow Date ) Clarke High School Cafeteria

April 13, 2016 Nominations

May 3, 2016 Mandatory Election Meeting

June 7, 2016 Dinner Piccola Bussola 7PM

You are required to attend a minimum of four (4) meetings. Three (3) of these are mandatory.

If you can not attend a mandatory meeting, you must submit a letter of excuse to Stu Cohen,

Corresponding Secretary, prior to the meeting. Failure to submit a letter could result in a 5 point

reduction off your 30% office rating.

In order to umpire this season, you must attend an Interpretation Meeting AND take the NYS


If you choose to attend another sections meeting, confirmation of your attendance must be

received within one week. Failure to comply will be viewed as noncompliance

of this requirement.

The contact for NYC is Alan Wharton, (516) 4810364. NYC has two interpretation meetings,

March 2 & March 3 at Forest Hills HS at 8 PM. The test will be given on March 7 & March 9 also

at Forest Hills HS at 8 PM, you need to attend one of the two meeting/test nights. The contact for Suffolk is Jeremy Johnson, (631) 7473890.

March 1 is the date of their Interpretation Meeting at Chippewa Elementary School. The test will be given on March 20 at

Sagamore MS.

2016 Fee Schedule:


Junior Varsity


Junior High


Service is an important part of our organization. Each member is required to perform service

each year. We are in need of volunteers to help in several areas. More information will be given

at our first General Membership Meeting. Although we appreciate the membership donating a

raffle prize at the dinner, it will no longer fulfill the service requirement.

Please visit our website, for some valueable

information and great photographs. We will continue to communicate on both the web site and

by email as much as possible. Minutes, meeting postponements and other important information

will be posted on the site and sent via email. If you have not been receiving updates via email,

please send your email address to Brad Patterson at and we will add

you to the directory. As always we are open to your suggestions and comments on how to

better improve our site. Rick Norris does a tremendous job with the site, so please take

advantage of utilizing the information that appears on it.

With regards to BOCES, please keep Grace and Judy updated with your availability. Do not

cause them any extra work by being negligent with your availability. With the unpredictable

weather we face during the spring, assigning hundreds of games is challenging enough, so

please do the right thing and communicate any changes in your availability as the season

progresses. If you have a change of home address, phone number, or email address, these

changes must be brought to the attention of BOCES and Stu Cohen.

If you are in need of purchasing any new equipment or uniforms, Chuck DeCarbo of The Sports

Loft will be at our meetings or you can contact him at or (631) 4788489.

Take pride in your appearance, because first impressions go a long way.

Please remember that the collective agenda of Nassau County Softball Officials Association is

to promote professionalism of our members, be courteous to coaches, players, and spectators

and to appreciate the camaraderie and friendship of your fellow umpire.

Respect the great game of softball.

If you have any questions, contact me at 5169246011 or email me at .

Enjoy your season and stay healthy !!

Jim Borek

Nassau County Softball Officials Association, Inc.
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*********************************************************************************************************    Thanks to our officials that worked the 2015 Exceptional Senior Game

Stu Cohen
Bob O'Brien
John Moyorga
David Hartenstein
Charles Beglan
Frank Dombrowski
Doug Rosenthal
Christina Bivona
Pete Cavallo

A special thanks to Tom Merle for organizing the officials!

******************************************************************      Ratings

There are always questions on how ratings are calculated.

Here is a summary on how your rating is calculated. Keep in mind your current rating is a combined rating for the past two seasons.

Ideally after every game, each coach fills out a rating card and sends it in to BOCES. BOCES takes those ratings and adds them up and divides by the number of ratings to get the coaches contribution to your rating. This rating constitutes 60% of your overall rating. Under certain circumstances, rating cards are thrown out. A game with an ejection is an example of a reason why a card is thrown out.

BOCES gives you up to 10 office points. Points can be deducted for turn backs, being late, etc. These points make up 10% of your rating.

You can receive up to 30 points from our Association. These points make up the remaining 30% of your rating.

Here is how you earn your 30 points:

Being a member: 6 points

Test Score:

84-100 7 points

80-83 6 points

74-79 5 points

Attendance: 6 points (missing a mandatory meeting without a written excuse takes 5 points from this category)

Service: 5 points

Return of Sportsmanship Ballot on Time: 3 points

Paying dues on time: 3 points



Congratulations to our officials that were selected to have the honor of officiating the County and State Championship Series

County Playoffs

AA Final

Frank Sheehan
Mark Sosna
Hector Baker

Tom Cully

A Final

Jack Kisilinsky
Larry Forman
Rick Norris
Tony Okolski

B Final

Jay Cincotta
Steve Zalinsky
John Mayorga
Dave Nelson

State Tournament

Rick Norris
Tony Okolsky